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Ever since Youtube hit the interwebs back in 2005, it has been a favorite place to chill out and view and upload videos.

Sure enough, today, Youtube has flourished to become the most popular video hosting and sharing site that it is with over 48 hour worth of videos uploaded every minute, making it rise in market value due to it's potential reach.

That's right, Youtube is accessed everyday by millions of it's registered users and unregistered users alike. These users come from all over the world to view random videos and about 85% of the time these users are bound to check out related videos of what they were searching for to begin with, which is usually how videos get Youtube views.


As mentioned earlier 48 hours of Youtube get uploaded everyday. That's equivalent to 8 years of content uploaded daily, and while everyone hopes their videos will get viewed organically because it shows in the feeds.

It's highly impossible, because those feeds don't stay stagnant even for a minute, resulting into the danger of having most videos be overlapped by new ones and not viewed by any audience at all.


First things first you've got to accept that views are really hard to come by unless you get some special attention, one way to do so is to get Youtube views collectively in high numbers.

Always start with great content. Give the audience a reason to view your work. It's true that whatever their impression on the video will not affect the view count, but the number of thumbs up you get on Youtube certainly adds to the appeal, don't you think so?

The more thumbs up videos get the more appealing it is. Besides, this is the best way to make the best out of any method you choose to boost your videos.

You get what you give. Another way to get Youtube views is to interact with a community. View other videos and comment.

Give thumbs up when you think it's deserving, but be reminded this doesn't have 100% return rate and may take a lot of time and energy to make a difference.

Make a great investment. Advertising is complicated, to make very good and effective advertising campaigns, people have to shell out. To be able to compete with the fast pace of social media, you and your videos must be armed with aces up your sleeves.

A good one would be to seek help and buy Youtube views to boost your numbers. The higher your view count is, the more appealing your video will be. Why? because people get curious at the ratings and they always like what's hot. You'd be surprised how much difference it makes to buy Youtube views in terms of gaining a steady flow of organic viewers and audiences. Contrary to what most people think, this method is the quickest and most effective when it comes to the ability to get Youtube views.


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