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Welcome to the new generation of snapping photos, the age of Instagram. This free application allows the cam-phone photographer to upload quality photos with the option to transform its look and feel with their choice of different available photo filters.

Want your photos to have that chic instamatic or polaroid vintage look? Then Instagram's the way to go

If you are unfamiliar with the program, read on below and find out the many different ways to use it as well as how to get followers on Instagram itself.


Instagram can be used by any phone that caters to the application. At the moment the only phones that could use the program and the network are iPhones and other brands that feature the Android OS. It as an application and a social network is used personally by users as a "fast, beautiful & fun" way to share photos with friends and family, as so claimed by Instagram itself.

But it being a social network does not limit it's uses to photo-sharing alone.

Many businesses and groups use this as opportunity to get connected with with their following and to generate new ones.


Today Instagram has accumulated over 11 million users from all over the globe and because of it's popularity -- Simply put, the competition is stiff, and the best way to get attention is to stay on top of the feeds, and get the widest reach you can get.

Which means the continuous labor of finding ways to get more followers on Instagram.

That's the when the challenge on how to get followers on Instagram begins. Other's result to hiring moderators to take care of their social media sites, and keep it active. Being active in Instagram is definitely one way how to get followers on Instagram.

It's a proven fact that if the users keep active in adding followers, liking and commenting, that they will eventually get their own likes, followers and comments. However, the downside to this method, which we call the long way, is that it never guarantees a 100% return gesture. This will seriously eat up a lot of time and require a lot of effort when you could use this instead to focus on more important things.

Another factor to consider on how to get followers on Instagram is your content. While it's truethat the app does provide you with beautiful filters, this does not mean every photo is beautiful.

Take some time off to review your content and see how you can improve it to get more followers on Instagram.


Advertising and marketing may cause people to shell out more money than they usually hope for because services in these fieldsare always costly. Online advertising through Instagram is however,a different story.

First things first, using it is free for as long as you have the right phone or phone OS.

Secondly, it doesn't cost much to create reach. Aside from gaining followers and likes organically there is another way how to get followers on Instagram and that is through the means of a paid service.

Get more followers on Instagram with the paid service and start off your account or boost it with a bang. Extend your reach in only a few days for only a few dollars. It doesn't only add followers or likes into your account, but it also increases appeal.

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